Development of a mobile app for accessing courses

Mobile application

Dune Solutions has been working on a mobile app that can be used to view slides and do quizzes for learning purposes. This app allows you to see all courses and training materials assigned to you. Using this app, students can view the lectures/slides, take personal notes, provide feedback for a specific course and unlink/link to their accounts on different devices.

This app is available for different types of computers and operating systems. It is compatible with devices running on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MAC, Android and iOS.
Key features:
– Presentation Mode
– Note saving
– Provide direct feedback to the course developer
– Download course files locally
– Easy navigation module to navigate through slides
– Video courses
– Quizzes

  • Top fifth ISO certification body
  • Education
  • React Native, Electron.js
  • 2016 (currently maintaining)
  • Project Delivery