Development of a course content development platform

Web application

Dune Solutions dedicated development team was responsible for establishing a powerful application that makes course creation and facilitation easier, better, and automated. Through this tool, slides can be created for a course or presentation or simply import from PowerPoint. 

Our team’s work is multi-layered and entails building the entire backend and core functionalities of the platform. Part of our work also covers the provision of fully scoped estimations and supporting the graphics program which can be used to create illustrations and other graphics. It can also be used as an e-store where course materials can be purchased.

The new scope of work is planned for the first months of 2022. It will cover the development of microservices and the upgrade of the platform.

  • Top fifth ISO certification body
  • Education
  • C# .NET MVC, jQuery UI
  • 2016 (currently maintaining)
  • Dedicated team